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Guest Poster May 22, 2017 6 comments

Develop a frugal habit of saving money

This is a guest post written by SB from SB blogs about personal finance and productivity. You might belong to a developed country where a 6-figure inheritance and a heavily paying job can push you towards the top 1% of earners but there are few little things like your money habits
Save Money
Adriana May 12, 2017 10 comments

5 frugal mother’s day gifts & surprises

Are you looking for some frugal mother’s day gifts & surprises? Mother’s day is approaching really fast, and while many may think mothers deserve sparing no expense, I still can’t shake one important thing my mom taught me: the gesture is all that matters. Even though mother’s day is literally
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Credit Cards & Debt

Adriana April 10, 2017 8 comments

3 types of good debt

Is debt bad? Of course it is, it’s the opposite of financial freedom! However, certain types of good debt actually exist! While paying interest rates month after month shouldn’t be considered normal, some loans are perfectly justifiable! And no, buying a car or a vacation package don’t qualify as acceptable debt.
Credit Cards and Debt Debt
Adriana April 3, 2017 4 comments

Consequences of a bad credit history

It’s no secret that poor financial money management leads to suffering the consequences of a bad credit history. Maintaining a good credit score is important. Although it seems average scores continue to rise each year, there are still plenty of people who struggle with a poor credit history. And anything below 580 is
Credit Cards and Debt Debt

Investing & Real Estate

Adriana May 26, 2017 2 comments

Equity crowdfunding investing risks and opportunities

Can you make money through crowdfunding? Just like any other types of investments, equity crowdfunding investing comes with both risks and opportunities. Crowdfunding is no longer a mysterious investing tool. On the contrary, this way to invest money has been gaining ground for the past few years. As many of
Investing Investing and Real Estate
Adriana May 15, 2017 2 comments

Best home improvements to increase property value

Which are the best home improvements to increase a property’s value?  Whether you’re looking for ways to get a better appraisal or increase the value of your home to attract better tenants or buyers, investing in home improvements and small renovations are a must. Unfortunately, not all home improvements offer the best value
Investing and Real Estate Real Estate


Adriana May 19, 2017 2 comments

Living frugally on a low retirement income

Do you find saving money for retirement to be an overwhelming financial burden? What if you stopped freaking out and started learning about living frugally on a low retirement income? While the thought of early retirement often makes people’s eyes turn into the shape of little hearts, saving enough money to
Adriana April 21, 2017 0 comments

Alternative ways to save for retirement without a 401(k)

Saving money for retirement can turn out to be quite a financial challenge, especially if you don’t have access to a traditional retirement savings plan. So, what are some alternative ways to save for retirement without a 401(k)? Smaller financial goals, like building an emergency fund, are definitely less scary than saving