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Save Money

Adriana June 23, 2017 2 comments

Practical tips to save money on vacation

Summer. Hot. Vacation, anyone? Lying on a beach, sipping an ice-cold cocktail sounds just about right this time of year. May be why now is the time most people take time off work to go on a well deserved vacation. Summer fun is relaxing and a great way to recharge
Save Money
Adriana June 19, 2017 6 comments

How to live well below your means

Is it possible to live well, below your means? Anyone looking to pay off debt, retire early or simply save money for personal reasons should know the difference between living below your means, within your means or above them. The problem with consumerism today is the constant temptation to spend
Save Money

Credit Cards & Debt

Adriana June 2, 2017 0 comments

9 effective ways to improve your credit score

Having trouble getting approved for a loan or finding a good job? These are just a couple of the bad consequences of having bad credit, so maybe finding some effective ways to improve your credit score is a good idea. Having (and maintaining) a good credit score is extremely important. Even
Credit Cards and Debt Debt
Adriana April 10, 2017 8 comments

3 types of good debt

Is debt bad? Of course it is, it’s the opposite of financial freedom! However, certain types of good debt actually exist! While paying interest rates month after month shouldn’t be considered normal, some loans are perfectly justifiable! And no, buying a car or a vacation package don’t qualify as acceptable debt.
Credit Cards and Debt Debt

Investing & Real Estate

Guest Poster June 9, 2017 0 comments

Investing without Any Previous Experience – Here’s How to Get Started with Stocks

Today’s article is from Andrew. Andrew Altman is the editor-in- chief of an informational website  SlickBucks aims to help beginner investors and traders by reviewing financial products and brokerages, sharing advice and tips and publishing helpful guides for new investors and help them to get the kind of financial wealth they desire.
Investing Investing and Real Estate
Adriana May 29, 2017 4 comments

Investing basics: comparing stocks, bonds and mutual funds

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about investing? Is it a mass of people, dressed in designer suits, yelling “BUY!”, “SELL!”, while holding several phones to their ears? Despite the Wall Street image of the stock market, investing as a means to earn and save money is
Investing Investing and Real Estate


Adriana June 12, 2017 2 comments

12 retirement lessons I learned from my grandparents

Maybe the golden years still look too blurry to glimpse at a clear picture, but over the years we should be able to  grab hold of a few retirement lessons from grandparents. Unlike many of my former school mates, I didn’t have the opportunity to spend summer vacations at the
Adriana May 19, 2017 2 comments

Living frugally on a low retirement income

Do you find saving money for retirement to be an overwhelming financial burden? What if you stopped freaking out and started learning about living frugally on a low retirement income? While the thought of early retirement often makes people’s eyes turn into the shape of little hearts, saving enough money to