Living frugally on a low retirement income

Living frugally on retirement income

Do you find saving money for retirement to be an overwhelming financial burden? What if you stopped freaking out and started learning about living frugally on a low retirement income? While the thought of early retirement often makes people’s eyes turn into the shape of little hearts, saving enough money to […]

Alternative ways to save for retirement without a 401(k)


Saving money for retirement can turn out to be quite a financial challenge, especially if you don’t have access to a traditional retirement savings plan. So, what are some alternative ways to save for retirement without a 401(k)? Smaller financial goals, like building an emergency fund, are definitely less scary than saving […]

Retirement myths that could screw up your golden years

Retirement myths that could screw up your golden years

Preparing for ‘old age’ used to be so much different decades ago. Today, planning your retirement is definitely an interesting challenge. Especially if you believe certain retirement myths that could screw up your golden years! Young adults are definitely learning how to better manage their money and save more than their elderly relatives […]

Retirement saving options for the self employed

Retirement saving options for self employed

Are you hoping to retire happy? For the self employed, retirement saving options are a little different, compared to what employees are used to. Small business owners have to tackle retirement all on their own, as opposed to having the boss handle all contributions to a 401(k). More and more people are making the […]

Are you saving enough for your retirement?

saving enough for retirement

Gone are the days when you could live your life carelessly, knowing you have a government retirement plan to rely on after 40 years of work, work, work everyday. That’s ancient history. Today, unless you save money for retirement starting as early as possible, you might not have enough of […]