Learn how to budget money in 5 easy steps

Learn how to budget money 5 easy steps

Knowing how to manage your money means having full control over your own finances. You’ll be able to quickly reach your financial goals and pay off debts sooner than you thought, once you learn how to budget your money. There’s more than one way to keep track of your budget. There are online applications that […]

10 examples of poor financial money management

poor financial money management

Poor financial money management could lead to serious budget and lifestyle consequences. Whether you’re on a low income or earn big, not being able to manage your finances will probably bury you in debt. Financial money management might seem complicated, especially for young adults who’re just starting to learn what’s it […]

Be my Valentine on a budget: 5 surprisingly frugal ways to be romantic

valentine day on a budget

Oh no! Did you plan new financial resolutions for 2017 but forgot about the most romantic day of the year? That’s OK, celebrating Valentine’s day on a budget is not that difficult. Of course, love should be celebrated every single day, but this particular Holiday makes it all the more special! While […]

10 money saving tips to grocery shop smart

tips to grocery shop smart

Learning how to grocery shop smart is a must today, especially with so many families living paycheck to paycheck. Many often think that saving money on food means you have to give up on favorite meals or eating healthy, but that’s not the case at all. Learning how to grocery […]